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NeoRIP Pro®

The ultimate RIP on the market. This powerful RIP program can handle all your textile and solvent printing needs.With better color profiling, gradients, fades and photorealistic quality, it will be like someone flicked on the light switch in your shop. Get higher quality prints, better gradients and glows as you save on white ink costs, all while having the ability to print three different colored shirts at once! This is truly the best RIP to date!

The NeoRIP software is able to achieve extremely precise detail, as well as gradients on light or dark garments. With the NeoSol printing option, you are able to print in photorealistic detail on just about any surface. Our team of color specialists will continually update you with new ICC profiles for numerous types of media that can be easily loaded into your software. Our goal is to ensure that your color output is unmatched in your market.

• Print 3 different colored shirts at once! The new NeoRIP Pro® now "knows" how much white ink to place on each shirt, enabling you to print on white, black, red, blue or any color shirt in the same pass. • Reduced White Ink Cost Many of us know that white ink is one of the more expensive sides of digital garment printing. With our new NeoRIP Pro software, we have dramatically decreased the amount of white ink usage on dark garments. Not only is the RIP able to determine where not print white ink, but it is also able to determine the minimum amount of white ink needed to order to achieve an accurate color output. An added benefit is also a much softer "hand" or feel to the shirt in comparison to other digitally or screen printed garments. The RIP also comes equipped with an ink cost calculator and a print time estimator, offering the user better visibility and control over their expenses. • No more color conversion In older RIP software, you would need to disable color spaces, covert colors and save it specifically to get the desired output. Now, the new NeoRIP Pro automatically coverts your color spaces to the correct profile for textile printing. This will save trouble with your graphics programs like Corel Draw, Adobe Photoshop and Illustrator that are usually set for graphics for the internet or paper printing. More great features!
  • On the fly RIP and Print
  • Save the ripped file for future use.
  • Memory manager for large files
  • Transparency generator
  • Choke mask channel
  • identify areas where not to apply choke like thin outlines etc.
  • Multi-thread application
  • You can continue to work your designs while the other is being printed.
  • Ink cost calculator
  • Color correction filters for last minute retouching of designs similar to professional photo editors.
  • Color boost feature to increase the apparent depth of color. This feature is very useful when printing on white shirts where the color gamut is small.
  • Simple feature to control the strength of the white and color layers.
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