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SPC-84 1-Color Automatic Pad Printer


The SPC-84 is a 1-color, tabletop automatic pad printer suited for printing on small items such as pens, USB drives, key chains, golf balls, and more. The SPC-84 is available in 110v and 220v models.


  • 90mm (3.5") closed ink cup
  • Microprocessor controls for easy operation
  • Automatic 5-digit counter
  • Easy inking, mounting, dismounting and cleaning of the ink cup
  • Independently adjustable speed and vertical stroke
  • Auto-balance ink blade ensures a perfect ink scraping
  • Adjustable working speed
  • Adjustable plate mount


Ink Cup Size 3.5
Max. Print Size 3.1 diameter
Max. Printing Speed 1,300 pcs/hr
Max. Printing Height 80mm (3.1)
Max. Printing Pressure 473N (6 bar)
Plate Size 100x220mm 
Air Consumption 60 Liter/min
Wattage 110/220V 60/50HZ 50W
Outline Dimensions 400x380x585mm (LxWxH) 
Machine Weight 32 kg (70.5 lb)

Crate Charge: $100