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Marabu Maraflex FX Screen Printing Ink (Solvent-Based) - 1 Liter

by Marabu
Use FX Maraflex screen printing ink to print on single and multi-layered ID cards like club cards, bank cards, telephone cards, credit cards and more. FX can be laminated, embossed, and can be used on soft PVC materials. The paint rapidly dries to a matte, durable finish with high coverage?capacity. FX can be used in combination with other printing methods such as waterless or UV offset as well as subsequent processing methods like press finishing.Also, the?Metallic Mixing System works with FX to ?create various metallic shades. The Metallic Mixing System comprises of several different metallic powders from fine to coarse. Add these powders to your paint to create a metallic shimmer.FX Maraflex Technical Data Sheet