Product: HP Stitch S300 Sublimation Printer

HP STITCH S300 64″
Dye Sublimation Printer

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Dye Sublimation Printer

Color made easy with HP SmartColor.
HP Stitch S300 confidently distributes jobs across your fleet with best-in-class color consistency from printer to printer. Get accurate colors over time, even as environmental conditions change, with the built-in spectrophotometer. Automatically detect when a color is out of gamut and get the closest visual match with PANTONE® emulation. Easily create color profiles in half the time, or use finished profiles from our cloud-based library.

A versatile, safe investment.
HP Stitch S300, with a single device, print on both transfer paper and direct-to-fabric with great results. If you’ve got limited room, this front media loading printer can save you 30% floor space. Stay ready for production and avoid unexpected costs with preventive maintenance from HP Smart Services.

Rely on the complete solution from HP.
For your peace of mind, the printer, ink, media, and software are designed to work together perfectly. HP Stitch S300 gets the print quality you expect with 1200 dpi resolution and the Smart Nozzle Compensation system. Reduce downtime and service costs. For the first time, you can replace the printheads yourself. Be always ready to print outstanding quality, and reduce manual interventions, with automatic maintenance.


Turn color to your advantage, from day one, with HP Service Edge color management services designed specifically for you. Whether you need to reproduce target colors from old devices or match colors across your fleet, HP can provide color experts and onsite training to ensure you get the right color from the first job.

HP STITCH Advantages

  • Takes up less floor space (front loading/operating)
  • Versatile (one ink print on paper or fabric)
  • Automatic maintenance (no waste tank, gloves, swabs)
  • User replaceable print heads (<20 mins to replace, calibrate and linearize and then back to printing)
  • Up to 4x number of nozzles vs piezo (true 1200dpi)
  • No dropped nozzles (automatic nozzle detection/compensation)
  • No head crashes with the patented cockle control system
  • Eliminate banding
  • Color library in Ergo RIP, included (fastest color match)
  • Color repeatability (on-board spectrophotometer calibrates to known state on same printer or across fleet)

Paper Transfer

Direct to Fabric

Product Figuration

  1. Built-In Spectrophotometer
    – HP Stitch S300 gets accurate colors over time and across your fleet.
  2. Drop & Dry Printzone Dryer
    – HP Stitch S300 reduces your media costs and avoids cockling when using lightweight transfer paper.
  3. Smart Nozzle Compensation system
    – HP Stitch S300 gets always a reliable image quality thanks to our native printhead resolution of 1200 dpi and compensates up to 30% nozzles out.
  4. OMAS (Optical Media Advance Sensor)
    – HP Stitch S300 gets accurate colors over time and across your fleet.
  5. Automatic Maintenance
    – HP Stitch S300 reduces daily manual interventions with fully automated printhead maintenance.
  6. User Replaceable Printheads
    – HP Stitch S300 reduces downtime and service costs. For the first time, you can replace the printheads yourself.
  7. All-In-One Solution
    – HP Stitch S300 gets with a single device, you can now print on both transfer paper and direct-to-fabric.
  8. Front Media Loading
    – HP Stitch S300 saves up to 50% floor space with the first dye-sub printer with front media loading.

HP Stitch Dye Sublimation Product Description

  • Width 1.62 m
  • Cartridge Size 775 cc
  • Maximum Roll Weight 42 kg
  • Maximum Production Speed 34 m²/hour
  • Quality Speed (Backlit) 22 m²/hour
  • Average Monthly Printing Volume 1,200 m²/month
  • Duty Cycle (Peak) 3,000 m²/month

 HP Stitch S300 Printer Configuration

  • HP Stitch S300 Printer (does not included inks)
  • Printheads (4) and Printhead Maintenance Kit
  • User Maintenance Kit
  • Media Edge Holders
  • HP Ergosoft RIP Color Edition
  • 3-in Spindle
  • 12 Month Warranty


Supplies Required (not included)


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