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AlbaChem 1175 Dri-Web Pallet Adhesive


The unique webbing spray pattern dries quickly providing a long lasting tack that will not transfer onto the screen printed garment. Dri-Web will not lose its tack when printing on fleece or other materials that may leave a coating over the adhesive. Dri-Web will not stain or soak through fabrics. Not for sale in the following VOC regulated States: CA, DC, IL, NH, CT, DE, IN, MA, MD, ME, MI, NJ, NY, OH, PA, RI, VA and UT

  • Ideal for fleece.
  • Very fast drying
  • Best web spray for screen printing

Directions for use:
Shake can well before using. Use on clean dry pallets for best results. Hold can 6 to 8
inches from surface. Use a sweeping motion when spraying. Apply a light coating to
entire pallet. To avoid clogging, after use turn can upside down and spray until a clean stream of air flows.

AlbaChem 1175 Dri-Web Pallet Adhesive Safety Data Sheet

AlbaChem 1175 Dri-Web Pallet Adhesive General Info & Technical Data Sheet