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AlbaChem GDR Ink Degreaser Graphics Screen Wash

G.D.R. quickly breaks down U.V. , solvent, and other screen print inks in washout booth applications. Fast and efficient: spray directly onto ink on both sides of the screen, scrub in with pad or brush and flush with water. Screens can then be stored with stencil or reclaimed.
  • Removes U.V. & solvent-based inks
  • Will not soften or damage stencil
  • Biodegradable
  • Water Soluble
  • High Flash Point
Direction for Use: As a screen wash: Scrape off excess ink, apply GDR and brush into both sides of the screen with a rag, long bristle brush or scrub pad. Flush with high pressure water if you are reclaiming the screen, low pressure wash if you plan on saving the stencil. As a press wash: Scrape off excess ink apply GDR with spray bottle and wipe off with a clean rag. TIP: For faster production at your washout booth, apply chemical to both sides and set screen to the side. Then move on to the next screen, after 3-5 screens have been scrubbed, return to the first screen and flush with high pressure as described above. Repeat on the remaining screens. Make sure you flush screens before chemical dries. This technique allows the chemical and time to work for you!