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AlbaChem Haze-Free Ghost and Haze Remover

Haze Free is a powerful haze and ghost remover that works quickly to dissolve ink and residual emulsion stains from all types of mesh. Drain safe and biodegradable, Haze Free is the most effective Haze Remover on the market. Specially formulated to remove imbedded U.V. and plastisol inks (haze and ghost images) that remain on the screen.
  • Emulsifies and dissolves the ink constituents; resins, binders, pigments, plasticizers, etc.
  • The solution suspends these constituents so re-attachment to the mesh surface is prohibited, thus allowing for water-rinse removal.
  • Excellent degreaser, as it also removes dirt, residues and sizing.
Directions for use: After tape, ink, and stencil have been removed, apply Haze Free with brush or scrubber pad to the stain on both sides of the screen. Wait 30 seconds to 10 minutes (maximum). After ten minutes the possibility of weakening mesh increases. Flush with high pressure water