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AlbaChem 1021 HLR Label and Adhesive Remover 20 FL OZ

HLR makes it easy to remove heat transfer text and barcode labels, name tags, department logos, emblems, RFID labels, mending patches and garment identification/routing labels. Dry cleaners, hotels, casinos, hospitals, nursing homes, rehab facilities, correctional facilities, uniform rental, costume rentals use heat transfer labels of all types to identify customers, uniforms, POS, etc. Many need to be removed at some point due to error, employee changes, past dry cleaning.
  • Most powerful adhesive remover
  • Great for removing tagless
  • Leaves no stains
  • Does not contain any chlorinated solvents
Directions for use: Apply drops HLR to inside of the garment where the label is. Apply a little more on the top side around the edge of the label. Pat with a cloth so that HLR reaches the adhesive. With a sharp edge, lift the label from the fabric. If there is residue of glue, apply HLR to residue and wipe off with a cloth.