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Color Prime UV DTF Film Rolls


Note: UV DTF Printing requires the use of both A and B film.

Experience the revolutionary technology of DTF UV printing that merges DTF and UV in one package. This cutting-edge printing method uses a specialized ink and a UV printer to create stunning images on flexible film, curing the ink with UV rays.

Our Color Prime UV DTF Film is a game-changer, perfectly complementing UV DTF Printers to produce vibrant, detailed, and long-lasting prints. Say farewell to blurred pixels and hello to captivating sharpness and a wide range of colors with every print. Elevate your artwork and leave a lasting impression!


  • Versatile Material Printing - Prints directly on flexible film which allows printing on a wider range of materials
  • High-Quality Results - Sharp and clear prints with no pixelation
  • Durability and Adhesion - High-quality film ensures impeccable adhesion to various surfaces


  • Faster production times than traditional printing methods
  • Easier placement of prints on difficult surfaces
  • No pre-treatment or powdering required


  • A Film - White, Adhesive/Printable surface
  • B Film - Lamination
  • Size (A Film & B Film)
    • Length: 109 yd
    • Actual Width: 12.20” (32cm)
    • Printable Width: 11.81” (30cm)

Use and Storage Instructions:

  • Storage Conditions:
    • Temperature: 25 °C (+-2 °C) / 77 °F (+-5 °F)
    • Humidity: 45%-65%
  • Expiration:
    • Unopened packaging: 1 year
    • Opened packaging: Recommended to use film within 2-4 weeks of opening for most optimal printing results. Adhesive peeling may occur after 2-4 weeks of opening. If peeling occurs, waste the film that is peeling and continue using remaining film. Daily/more consistent use will see less peeling than inconsistent/sparse use.

Compatible With: