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Forever Transfer Rip

by Forever

*Note: All dongle shipments come from Germany - extended lead time expected. Replacement dongles are currently unavailable.

The FOREVER TransferRIP software provides Color & Image editing tools for optimising images in preparation for the digital heat transfer process.

FOREVER TransferRIP, in combination with the FOREVER Transfer Media and OKI White Toner Printers, opens up incredible opportunities for all users. The TransferRIP Software lets you run small productions at high resolution, efficiently and with a result that is even softer than screen printing on textiles. Even when producing single transfers. 

  • Supports OKI C711wt / Pro7411wt / Pro8432wt / C920wt / ES9420wt & OKI C800 CMYK-Series (4C-Version)
  • Separate version available with support of printers with 5 color channels like OKI Pro9541wt / C941wt / ES9541wt (5C-Version)
The TransferRIP softwares Color Management Controls, White Toner Controls & the Rasterization options are very powerful features for lowering your overall toner costs, increasing the durability and improving the washability as well as producing a much softer touch to transfers when compared to other digital heat transfers on the market.


    • Cost Calculation Calculate the total cost of printing your images
  • Layout Add, Scale, Rotate images onto new paper sizes
  • Better color reproduction
  • Save on White Toner (Upto 25%)
  • Save toner by Rasterizing images (Upto 35%)
  • Save upto 60% on overall Toner costs
  • Color Management Controls for Professional Requirements
Updates for the TransferRIP software are free of charge for six months.

Color Management Controls

Color Management Controls are very powerful features for lowering overall toner costs, increasing the durability and washability as well as producing a much softer touch to the transfer.

Tools such as: 

  • Selective Color Correction (Replace Colors)
  • Image Editing Controls (Brightness, Contrast, Hue & Saturation)
  • Individual Gamma Color Controls (CMYK)
  • Color Removal
  • Background Preview
  • Manage Color settings (Save Color Settings)
Selective Color Correction

This feature allows you to replace a selected color with a chosen color. It is the perfect solution for printing the same image on different coloured garments and applications.

How much time can you save, going back and forth with Photoshop or CorelDraw, changing the individual colors, saving each individual colour change and re-importing each file back into the TransferRIP? 

With just a few clicks, you can do the same job in a fraction of the time.

Image editing controls & Individual Gamma color corrections (CMYK)

We have various color controls for performing simple image changes to your desired look. If the colors are not bright enough, simply use the Brightness, Contrast, Saturation, Hue or individual color controls.

Color Removal

The color removal feature is a great feature for removing colors from the image. For example, when transferring to a black garment, you do not need to print the black parts of the image as those parts come from the garment colour. Using this feature in this way saves you toner.

Background preview

The background preview feature is a great way to see how your image would look like on various substrate colors.

Manage Color Settings

All settings which you have made can be saved, imported or deleted. This feature saves you time by removing the need to repeat tasks.

You can export settings for different computers, offices or branches which have the TransferRIP installed. If you have performed certain changes to an image for one customer, then you can save these changes for when they return. You can also save image settings as a backup, in the event that your computer should crash.

As a tip, you can save the original settings of the image, without any changes made, so that if you do not like the changes which you have made to the image, you can import the original settings, which resets the image back to its original form.

White Toner Controls

White Toner Controls allow you to control how much white toner is placed on the design. By finely tuning the white toner amount for each design, not only will you print better colours, increase durability and washability, while producing a much softer touch to the design, but this feature also saves you toner.

White Toner Controls: 

  • Fill Up Spot up to: Controls how much of the image is covered with white toner (Standard value is 150%).
  • Multiply Spot by: Controls how thick or thin the Fill Up Spot value (defined above) is.
  • Under filling: Removes white outlines which appear on the edge of low resolution pixel images.
  • Partial Transparency: Lets you print transparencies in your images.


What is Rasterization?

In short, Rasterization is a way of placing small holes in the image which makes it more durable, washable, while producing better colors and providing a unique look to the design.

The rasterization of images is one of the most important features of the TransferRIP software.

Why should you rasterize images?

Rasterization removes the negative or positive parts of the image which are not required when printing on a Light or Dark colored garments. A rasterized image keeps the parts of the image which are required for an image to be recognizable either on light or dark colored garments or surfaces. Rasterized images not only create a unique look, but they also increase the washability, durability, while saving you toner and providing a softer touch to designs.

Rasterized images can be washed better than full scale designs or non-rasterized images, this is because the image is broken up into small pieces or objects., This allows the high water pressure when washing the garment to pass through. Excellent results were especially achieved with polyester fabrics that were washed more than 40 times at 40 °C without losing image quality. Depending on the image being rasterized, you can save up to 25% on your overall toner costs.
  • Raster with 1-Click
  • Soft Touch
  • Less Toner Consumption
  • Unique Look
  • Extremely High Washability
  • Save up to 40% on Costs
The 3 TransferRIP Rasterization Options: 
  • Dark Media Raster which is suitable for printing onto dark colored garments.
  • Light Media Raster which is suitable for printing onto light colored garments. 
  • Micro-Mask Raster which is best used for full color areas, such as logos or vector designs without gradients. MM raster's are not recommended for photographs.
Dark Garment Rasterization:

If you have a lot of white in your image, then less toner is removed, but if your image has a lot of dark areas, then more toner is removed from the image, saving you this toner cost.

The light to dark shading or gradient areas of an image are replaced with dots in various sizes and distance between them. This process generates the gradient-like effect in the image. The tiny dots are blended into smooth tones by the human eye. To our eyes it looks like a gradient, but on closer inspection, we are looking at small dots. Those small dots are the main reason, why rasterized images are softer with higher washability.

Extremely High Washability

Because rasterized images are made up of mostly dots, water can easily pass through the image when the garment is being washed. This is the main reason why rasterized images have increased washability. The high water pressure is something we cannot prevent

One the most talked about issue in the heat transfer paper industry is to do with the washability of the transfer papers. Non-rasterized images do not have good washability because these images work against the high water pressure.

Rasterized images have lots of holes across the whole design - as they are washed, the image works with the high water pressure, rather than against it, by allowing this water to pass through the garment. This prevents images from being destroyed and therefore increasing the washability of the image.

Cost Calculation

The calculation feature allows you to calculate your toner and consumable costs before you send the job to print.

By using the information provided by OKI Data such as, the toner cartridge, image drum, fuser unit, transfer belt and waste toner values you can calculate the total price of 1 single sheet of paper.

Reports can be generated (PDF), which provide a transparent overview of costs and simplifies the quotation process. Each report captures all the image settings made through the TransferRIP White Toner Controls, Color Management Settings & the Rasterization settings.