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Discontinued - Graphtec OPTIMA-V250 Digital Flatbed Cutting Plotter

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Graphtec's Optima V250 is 4"x8" digital flatbed cutting plotter ideal for sign shops, design and prototyping in offset printing, packaging applications, samples, POP displays, mock-up production, and more.

The Optima V250 is an advanced engineered flatbed cutting table designed for cutting sheet and rigid materials while delivering clean, smooth edge quality. A dual tool head system and optional add-on tools are available to allow customers to customize their cutting to suit their specific needs and workflow. Each tool head is independently adjustable, ensuring high quality results, even for the most complex jobs. Graphtec Optima V250 delivers versatility, accuracy, and speed from the number one trusted brand in cutting industry.


  • Vacuum-Assisted Machine: powerful vacuum function that perfectly secures the media to the working table.
  • OptiCrop Mark Detection (Print & Cut)
  • Interchangeable Heads System: Crease and score (variable thicknesses), emboss, draw, and perform oscillating cutting, half-cutting and V-cutting.
  • Button Clamp System: Allows you to trim the material right to the edges, optimizing the material yield and leaves no marks on your material.
  • Packaging - Independent twin heads can be easily adjusted to various heights depending on the blade length and type. This ensures that you achieve the highest quality and cutting precision for all materials.
  • Cutting & Creasing Digital Printed Medias - Optima V250 comes as standard with a camera for crop mark detection. This device, used in combination with software OptiCrop, can perform accurate contour cutting and creasing around pre-printed media even with print-distorted materials.
  • Signage - With two configurable tool stations, Graphtec Optima V250 is a medium-format professional cutting plotter capable of: cutting, half-cutting and creasing, drawing and oscillating cutting up to 20 mm in thickness.
Specifications Graphtec Optima V250
Machine Dimensions W 72"xD 121"xH 46" (W1875xD3080xH1171 mm)
Max. speed 33"/ sec
Acceleration 39"/S2
Power requirements 208V/60Hz/16A
Air requirements (Pneumatics) 8 Bar*/115 PSI-5.3CFM or 150 1/min
Connectivity USB 2.0
Data buffer External PC
File formats .SVG,.PLT, .DXF, .CFZ, and HPGL
No. tools Dual head configuration
Cutting thickness 3/4 with oscillating tool head
Cutting Area 4 x 8 ( 1225 x 2520 mm)
Locking system Air suction and pneumatic clamp
Weight Machine net weight 600kg (1,323 lbs) / Machine with Package 820 kg (1,802 lbs)
Crop Mark Detection via high resolution camera
Standard Acessories (what's in the box) Creasing tool Tangential cutting tool Oscillating cutting tool 3-sets of 3-oscillating blades Box of 100 tangential blades Variety of cutting mats V-Studio software with OptiCrop Optical Crop Reading System Manuals and manufacturer warranty

Graphtec's Optima V250 Tools

  • Tangential Cutting Tool: precise multi depth cutting tool for materials up to 5 mm (0.196) in thickness.
  • Oscillating Cutting Tool: powerful pneumatic vibrating tool for cutting various strengths of materials up to 20 mm (3/4).
  • Creasing Tool: with various wheels to crease folding carton and corrugated cardboard.
  • V Tool (Optional): 45Ëš for cutting foamboard, cardboard, reboard, and gatorboard.

Graphtec's Optima V250 Software

V-Studio Software (Included Software for the PC with Windows OS)

V-Studio is the Operating Software which allows the artwork preparation, file conversion and the .PLT, .SVG (i.e. Illustrator and Corel Draw) vector file importation. Provided to the end users specific applications for different industries, A CAD for mount-board creation, a packaging design application and a crop marks detection camera utility. The tools/material database as well as the working process are managed by dedicated apps, all of them designed to make the work flow faster and guide operators step by step.

V-Studio is the suite of program for Graphtec Optima V250, developed to optimize the use of all computerized cutting machine. An innovative menu allows you to reach specific applications designed to create projects with absolute simplicity. Creating original mat-boards in quicker times, personalizing your boxes and achieving contour cuts from today will be simpler thanks to an ideal design environment, equipped with extraordinary tools.

Modern & Intuitive Environment

Design and create content for various types of work in a complete creative ambience, with an attractive look and with all the tools that you had always wished for. Thanks to a pleasing layout, clean and harmonious, the new functionality is easy to access and rationally positioned to optimize the creative workflow. A large preview, positioned in the center of the screen, allows a clearer visualization of what the final project will be.

Tools & Features In V-Studio

  • Parametric Templates
  • Guide Lines
  • Shaping Tool
  • Nesting Mode
  • Vector File Importation
  • Contour Tool
  • "Auto" Size Function
  • True Type Fonts Compatibility
  • Available in mm, cm, and inch
  • Selection Object "Combo" Mode
  • Easy to Create Opening Array
  • Visual Labels
  • Working Interface Completely Independent from the Drawing Programs
  • Multi-Language Fronted
  • POS (Point-Of-Sale) Software Integration

What is NEW?

With a more polish design, improved performance and features, V-studio 1.2 will bring you to the next level.

  1. Pool Mode - Completely automatic creation of jobs optimization and nesting.
  2. Bar Code Importation - To import file through a bar code scan.
  3. .VXML file format compatibility - To import file from a third party software house.
  4. .CSV file format compatibility - To import cutting lists from Excel or similar
  5. Wireframe view - Similar to x-ray view to make shapes manipulation easier.
  6. Second tool bar - To optimize and speed up daily use.
  7. New block fonts and single line fonts
  8. More than 1200 clip art, all arranged by categories
  9. Comprehensible tutorial image