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HIX Flash Cure Units 18 X 18 Manual Spot Heater

by Hix
SKU HIX-45598


The HIX VS-1818 is our lowest cost entry-level model. This unit features adjustable height and digital temperature controller.

At the heart of every HIX flash cure unit is a high performance and efficient Infra-Red heating element that is factory built in the USA. The HIX exclusive accu-therm thermocouple design found on all HIX flash cure units has set the industry standard for precise temperature control.

For even greater energy savings look at the HIX Premier flash cure model. The Premier 1818 is equipped with heat sink technology to reduce energy consumption by more than 70%. The heat sink minimizes the heater cycling resulting in lower energy bills and longer heater life. It’s also equipped with a manual cycle foot control switch that speeds up production for faster job turn around and bigger profits


  • Constructed around the same Infra-red heating elements as our Premier dryer series; all elements are made in the USA, are model-specific and carry a 3-year first-owner warranty.
  • Premier model uses a heat sink, saving energy by retracting the heat head over a ceramic heat-sink while in standby mode. This traps the heat, resulting in heat recovery and electricity savings of around 70%.
  • Premier model includes a digital temperature controller and manual/auto settings for the auto-retraction of the arm to the heat sink with or without using the foot switch.
  • Adjustable height allows control of the distance between the garment and the heater panel, depending on the type and sensitivity of fabric used.

    HIX Flash Cure Unit Specifications:

    • 18³x18³ Heat Head
    • 28³x48³ Adjustable Height
    • Voltage: 120V (2200W, 18.5 Amps)
    • Weight: 120 lbs.