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HT-300F Pneumatic Flat Heat Transfer Machine with Rubber Roller


The HT-300F is a pneumatic flat heat transfer machine with a rubber roller for easy application. The roller rotates and transfers the desired design onto a roll of polyester.

Features and Options

  • Microprocessor control and LCD display (able to switch between English and Chinese) is easy to operate.
  • Rubber roller rotates and heats transferring. Rubber roller rectilinearly contact with substrate avoids blistering the surface and obtains a uniform image and character transfer.
  • High precision sensor (magic eye) is designed to monitor the black dot on the foil for feeding control. If no black dot is available, the feeding will be controlled by a timer.
  • Left, right, front and rear control of working table can be adjusted. Rubber roller's parallelism can also be aligned.
  • Stamping pressure, temperature and speed are adjustable.
  • Installed automatic 5-digit counter.
  • Heat transfer roller can be adjusted up and down.
  • The structure is stable, durable, and easy to adjust.


Max Stamping Pressure 2138N
Rubber Roller Size 102 — 100mm/ 4"x4"
Maximum Area 280—100mm / 11"x4"
Maximum Height 200mm / 7.87"
Stamping Temperature Adjustable Rage 0-280
Heating Wattage 1000W
Maximum Stamping Speed 600pcs/hr
Air Consumption 78Litre/min
Power 220/50Hz
Outline Dimension 960 — 610 — 1770mm
Weight 270Kg. / 595 lbs. plus crate