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Insta 158 Auto Clam Heat Press

by Insta

Insta Graphic System Model 158 Operation and Maintenance Manual

Insta Graphic Systems Model 158 Brochure

Ideal for Heat Transfer Application and Digital Direct-to-Garment Printing

  • Auto-Release
  • Auto Open
  • Cast-In Heating Element
  • Distribution of Pressure
  • Integrated Digital Controller
  • Best possible return on your investment
  • Easy access
  • Auto open release feature
  • A practical solution
  • Safety features
  • Made in USA

The Insta 158 Digital Auto Release Digi-Press offers one of the major benefits of an automatic machine - the auto-open feature - with the lightweight, ergonomic design of a manual clamshell heat press. The Insta 158 meets the demands of todays busy retail environment and is also a practical solution to use as a pre- and post-curing agent for the expanding digital direct-to-garment marketplace. This digital clamshell heat press delivers consistent temperature and results all day long.

Following in the tradition of Instas reputation for quality, the Insta 158 15x20 clamshell heat press maintains an ergonomic, compact style and boasts a time saving auto-release feature. Once the operator closes the machine, and the preset time has elapsed, the Insta 158 automatically opens. This allows the operator to maximize his or her time while the transfer is dwelling, without worrying about burning the substrate.