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Kiwo Concentrated Degreaser

by Kiwo

Kiwo Concentrated (Degreaser / 1:20)

Available in gallon and quart units.

Kiwo Concentrated Degreaser (1:20) is a highly efficient cleaning and degreasing concentrate for screen printing screens. Suitable for all mesh types and prevents pinholes and irregularities in the coating, Kiwo Concentrated Degreaser emulsifies dirt and grease, making them water soluble. It has a strong foaming action and all active compounds are biodegradable and free of chlorine and phosphates.

Physical Data













































Color Red-orange
Consistency Liquid
Shelf-life 1 year at 68 °F (20 °C)
Flash Point Not applicable
TLV Not applicable
VOC None
pH Value 9
HMIS Rating Health -1
Flammability -0
Reactivity -0


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