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Lawson Mini-Trooper Automatic Screen Printing Press

by Lawson
SKU BNDL-LAWSON-700-151-0E-700-153-5M

** Prices include crating fee ** 

** Lawson Mini-Trooper Automatic Screen Printing Press requires printheads: Price included **

The Lawson Mini-Trooper is an automatic screen printing press designed to increase your profits by dramatically increasing production, providing greater print consistency, and minimizing the physical stress of manually printing – all while being extremely simple to use, set-up and maintain. The Mini-Trooper ships fully assembled and no special training is required.

The 8.5 feet diameter means the Mini-Trooper can go in small spaces, including a garage or basement. You can print and flash at the same station eliminating the need for you to overspend on a large press. This means you can have up to 3 flashes on the 4-Color/6-Station Mini-Trooper and still print all 4 colors. No other press in the industry lets you do that. This means the 4-Color/6-Station Mini-Trooper might just be the perfect press for most small and medium sized shops. The Modular, Flex-Head design allows you to change the configuration anytime. 

Your Mini-Trooper is fully engineered, built and serviced by Lawson in St. Louis, MO.

Founded in 1949, Lawson remains a family owned and operated company since our beginning. As the oldest U.S. manufacturer of screen printing equipment, we help the print community by helping people print better, work smarter and learn more. All of our automatic screen printing presses come with 24-hour support.

Lawson specializes in start-ups, plant expansions, turnkey support, supplies and training.

Available in XL (toggle switches) and PC (touch screen) models.


  • Modular Design
  • Flex-Print Heads
  • Print Stroke: 14" max.
  • Front Micro-Registration
  • Rear Micro
  • Ability to Print & Flash at the Same Station
  • Foot Pedal
  • Auto-Balance Squeegee
  • Use Different Size Frames
  • Dual-Registration Bearings
  • Adjustable Print Stroke
  • Individual Print Head Control

XL vs PC Models

  • XL Option Package: The XL Option Package includes: All the Features listed above including two (2) integrated Shuttle Flash Ports. Double stroke on print head number 1 only.
  • PC Option Package: The PC Option Package includes: everything the XL has PLUS Aluminum platens with rubber, double stroke controls for all print heads, load-in/load-out feature, dwell cycle timer, a variety of special flashing programs, and a touch screen control panel.

Specifications (both XL and PC models):

 Max. Image Area 14" x 16"
Frame Sizes 21" x 28"
Standard Platen Size 16" x 18"
Diameter 8' 4"
Electrical Requirements 110 volts, 1 Phase | 2-Amps
Air Requirements at 90 psi. 6 cfm
Est. Crated Weight - lbs 1000
Est. Crate Size (W x L x H) 84" x 96" x 60"

Prints Head:

  • $1,750 per print head

Crating Sku & Fee:

  • LAWSON-700-151-9 ($1195)
    • 6 Station XL Base + Print Head
    • 6 Station PC Base + Print Head