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Mutoh MS31 Eco-Solvent Ink 440ml

by Mutoh

MS31 is MUTOH’s new Eco-Solvent Ink.  Enhancements developed specifically for MS31 include a wider color gamut, better adhesion, improved dot gain along with excellent weather abrasion / chemical resistance all which result in enriched image quality.  MS-31 inks are Avery ICS and 3M Performance Guaranteed Qualified, as well as GREENGUARD Gold Certified.

Features and Improvements:

  • Achieves a wide color gamut
  • Improved dot gain in high density areas
  • Excellent weather resistance (more than 3 years without lamination), abrasion resistance, chemical resistance
  • User-friendly, efficient large capacity 220ml and 440ml catridges and 1000mil ink bags
  • Easy weekly maintenance procedure
  • GREENGUARD Gold Certified
  • 7-color (CMYK + Light Cyan + Light Magenta + Light Black) printing to achieve smooth gradients with less graininess
  • 2 years shelf life (24 months from the date manufactured)

Printer Compatibility:

  • MS31 ink is a direct replacement for Eco-Ultra ink
    • MS31 ink can be used immediately after Eco-Ultra ink becomes empty, because they can be used in mixture. There is no need to discharge ink or clean the ink route. Additionally, there is also no need to update the firmware because the ink cartridge smart chip is compatible.
  • Printing on substrates
    • MS 31 ink can be printed on both non-coated and coated substrates dedicated for Eco-solvent ink. It is suitable for indoor and outdoor signage, trade show graphics, windows display, POP, banner, vehicle wrapping and more.
  • Initial ink charging
    • Fill the printer with MS31 cleaner to flush the ink lines, then discharge cleaner from the printer.
    • Fill the printer with MS31 ink.
    • Instructions to insert and remove ink/cleaner bag are displayed on the operation panel of the printer. The ink charging/discharging operation is performed automatically.
  • Handling and storage
    • Keep the ink bag and waste ink away form fire, flammable materials and heat. Keep them in a cool, dark and well-ventilated area.
    • Maximum stacking for shipping box: 6 cartons high.

Greenguard Standard Certification

Compatible With:

  • Mutoh VJ628X
  • Mutoh VJ628
  • Mutoh VJ2638X
  • Mutoh VJ1638X
  • Mutoh VJ1638
  • Mutoh VJ1628X
  • Mutoh VJ1624X
  • Mutoh VJ1624
  • Mutoh VJ1324X
  • Mutoh VJ1324