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Mutoh XpertJet 461UF UV Printer 19" x 13" Bundle with Ink Starter Kit

by Mutoh

XpertJet 461UF UV Printer Spec Sheet


*All New Printers require Ink Starter Kits - Price Included*

*FREE Ward Winning MUTOH Vertelith RIP bundled with FlexiDESIGNER MUTOH Edition 21 ($2,199 value)

The XpertJet 461UF, compact UV-LED flatbed printer offers many features including a larger printable surface area, a larger window for safe viewing, an updated touchscreen panel, an improved LED lamp, optional vacuum table providing the ability for increased printing depth and more. The XPJ-461UF is powered by MUTOH’s new genuine VerteLith™ RIP software, bundled with FlexiDESIGNER Mutoh Edition 21, a $2,199.00 value. VerteLith RIP optimizes all of the capabilities of the XPJ-461UF, increasing productivity and profitability. The XPJ-461UF allows for finer texture layers, which instantly adds value to any print. Tie that in with MUTOH’s Local Dimming Control Technology and  you now have the ability to add high glossy finishes easily in one pass. 


  • 19 x 13-inch printer
  • Energy-efficient UV-LED ink
  • CMYK + White and Varnish
  • Print directly on a variety of substrates up to 5.91 inches thick
  • Small footprint, tabletop printer with removable bed
  • Mutoh Vertelith RIP & the Mutoh FlexiDESIGNER software
  • UV/LED Local Dimming Technology
  • Optional Vacuum table
  • One year on-site limited warranty

VerteLith™ RIP Software Spec Sheet

MUTOH’s genuine VerteLith RIP software bundled with FlexiDESIGNER MUTOH

Edition 21 optimizes the XPJ-1641SR Pro through these key features:

  • Auto-population of named Pantone coated/uncoated spot colors.
  • MUTOH Clear Tone half tone technology.
  • MUTOH CMYK wide color gamut ICC profile.
  • Automated layout processing and printing.
  • Soft proof.
  • “What-you-see-is-what-you-get” RIP preview.
  • FlexiDESIGNER MUTOH Edition 21.
  • Tab customization.
  • Color management function.
  • Finishing bleed processing function.
  • Printing log function.


Ink Kits: 

11440 - $1,056.00

11441 - $1,056.00

11438 - $1,056.00

11439 - $1,056.00