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Nedco T-1000 Auto-Bagger

by Nedco
SKU NED-T-1000

Packing Made Simpler With the Automatic Bag Sealer

Improve your processes and increase the productivity of your facility with the help of NEDCO Inc. When you are making upgrades to your facility, every station of your line counts. To that end, we have developed an innovative automatic bag sealer that will make packaging and finishing simple and cost-effective. Carefully engineered with speed, ease of use, and safety in mind, we are confident our line of bagger-sealer machines will make your facility more efficient. Count on us to help you find solutions that will extend your bottom line.

Packaging your t-shirts, polos, sweaters, and other garments has never been easier. Our bagging and sealing machine combines two processes in one, allowing you to produce more garments and save more time. This innovative station is compatible with our line of packaging machines and may be placed after the shirt-folding station. A sophisticated photo-eye system gives a controlled and automated start to the packing step, giving operators an easier time moving the product to the back.

When the operator fills a bag, they move the product to an automatic heat sealer to give the bag a secure closure. The machine gives the package a strong seam while pushing out excess air. The result is a compact, well-contained product that is ready for labeling and shipping.

Additional Equipment Features

Our bagger-sealer units are highly versatile and built to last. By adding our equipment to your production line, you can pack more, ship more, and earn more. Product features include:

  • Bagger Enter Horns: Can Be 1” Thru 4” Wide
  • Thermal Impulse: 1/8” Bead Edge Seals Double Lines for Higher Gauge Films
  • Air-Operated Product Compression Pad: Gently Squeezes Excess Air out of Packaging
  • Wicketed Bagger: Standard for a Max-UBII with a Photo Eye Product Start Switch
  • Double Seal and Compression: An Optional Addition for Heavy-Duty Packaging

NEDCO T-1000 Auto-Bagger Brochure