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NeoSol Solvent Inks for NeoFlex Printers


NeoSol Solvent Inks for Solvent printing.

NeoFlex NeoSol Solvent Inks are a mild solvent dye-based ink created for solvent printing. Print on plastic, wood, canvas, and most kinds of substrates with and without the use of pre or post-treatment. Formulated for the NeoFlex system, these inks do not need to be run every day to prevent clogging.

Safe to use inside a well ventilated enclosed space, the ink does not produce a harsh odor or possess as many of the caustic characteristic and VOCs as other solvent inks. It is preferable that operator wears safety glasses, plastic gloves and a filter respirator when working with NeoSol inks. These inks are for the NeoFlex system only and do not function with the iNeo Smartphone Printer.

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