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S43 Alcohol Developed Plate 5PK

SKU PAD-S43-100100

S43 is a steel backed, nylon-photopolymer coated, alcohol developed plate with a thickness of .43mm. Alcohol developed plates are superior to water wash plates as they last longer and hold finer detail. The print impression capability of the S43 is rated at 20,000 to 30,000 impressions.

  • The photopolymer color is a medium-dark green. Sold in packages of 5 plates per pack.
  • The maximum emission of the UV light source should be between 360-380 nm.
  • The most suitable type of washout is a flat container to hold the developer and a plush brush for the friction removal of the unexposed / dissolved material.
  • Immerse the exposed plate in the alcohol developer and rub with a brush to remove unexposed material.
  • The developer is a special alcohol-water mixture made for alcohol washable plates.

S43 Alcohol Developed Plate Specifications:

Art Film Exposure Time 90-120 seconds (with All American EB-302 exposure unit)
Screen Tint Time 90 seconds (Less time increases depth of etching while more lessens it.)
Washout Time (With Alcohol Plate Developer) 3-4 minutes at 35 °C/95 °F
Drying Time Minimum of 20 minutes at 80 °C/175 °F
Post Exposure Time Minimum of 20 minutes