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Marabu Tampa® Tech TPT Pad Printing Ink (1 Liter)

by Marabu

Tampatech TPT Technical Data Sheet

TampaTech TPT is a high-gloss, universal and quick-curing two-component ink with a long pot life. Excels through high-demand adhesion, scratch resistance, and chemical resistance for technical and decorative applications.


  • Solvent-based, high gloss 2-component ink
  • Long pot life
  • Very good chemical and mechanical resistances

Product properties

Ink system

Solvent-based, 2-component



Degree of gloss

high gloss


  • ABS 
  • Glass & Ceramics X
  • Metals 
  • Polyacetate (POM) ← 
  • Polyethylene (PE), pre-treated ●
  • Polypropylen (PP), pre-treated ● 
  • Polyamide (PA) 
Suitable  Post-Treatment 
Limited Suitability  With Hardener  
Pre-Treatment  No Dishwasher Resistance X
With Adhesion Modifier HV 

TampaTech TPT Color Chart

Tampatech TPT Color Chart: 920 Lemon, 922 Light Yellow, 924 Medium Yellow, 926 Orange, 930 Vermillion, 932 Scarlet Red, 936 Magenta, 950 Violet, 954 Medium Blue, 956 Brilliant Blue, 960 Blue Green, 962 Grass Green, 940 Brown, 980 Black, 970 White, 191 Silver, 192 Rich Pale Gold, 429 Process Yellow, 439 Process Red, 459 Process Blue, 489 Process Black