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Uninet iColor TransferRIP Software Upgrade License - 1 Year

by Uninet

UniNet iColor TransferRIP Dongle and Software
Why use the iColor? TransferRIP?
Use the iColor? TransferRIP software to print white as an underprint or overprint in one pass.

Designed for every day, short to mid run use, the iColor? TransferRIP software allows the user to control the spot white channel feature. Two cartridge configurations are available: White overprint, where white is needed as a top color for textiles; and white underprint for printing on dark or transparent media where white is needed a round color. No need to create additional graphics with different color configurations ? the software does it all ? and in one pass! Enhance the brilliance of any graphic with white behind color!

The iColor? TransferRIP Software has many great features to keep you a step ahead:

Color Management: Simply put, the iColor TransferRIP is the magic behind one pass printing with white as an underprint or an overprint. The most important point of the iColor TransferRIP software is that it allows colors to be put down in layers. Regular printer drivers only concern themselves with what the eye sees on the top layer, the RIP allows you to separately control each layer, thus giving you the ability to control not only what you see, but what is behind that top layer (typically the white layer). The iColor TransferRIP gives you the unique ability to use one machine to print images with white as an underprint or an overprint. You can now print vibrant colors on clear or dark media regardless of the background to which it is applied, where the white is put down first and the colors afterwards. The iColor TransferRIP ?Color Mapping? feature also allows for ?Reverse Printing? when printing and transferring to garments where white is put down last. This is the only way to achieve white underprint and overprint in one pass, and you will not find another machine on the market today that can do all of this.
Advanced color manipulation and removal
White opacity control to save money
Advanced layout tools to design custom sized graphics
Rasterization. The software's algorithm breaks up the image into sections and lines that a) saves you toner and money b) increases washability and durability c) enhances the feel of the shirt with less concentrated toner coverage and d) your eye doesn't even notice the difference!
Cost Estimation
And much more!