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Uninet White Toner Master Class Training

by Uninet
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As you get started with White Toner Laser Transfers for the first time, training is the key to getting up and running quickly. While resources are available on Facebook, Google, and YouTube; that information is scattered and can be conflicting, or outdated. After investing a significant amount of money into your new print operation, you will want to quickly master the equipment so that you can focus on growing your business. The last thing you want to do is let your equipment sit unused or become a source of frustration as you struggle to get great results.

Introducing the White Toner Master Class, a brand new and constantly updated training course to help you get up and running quickly with your new printer. Within the first hour you’ll learn how to properly produce transfers and t-shirts, eliminating weeks of expensive trial and error.

Great for ALL white toner printers including UNINET and Oki!

The Master Class includes more than 6 hours of high value training and includes all the necessary graphics and resources you’ll need to follow along. The lesson plan is structured as a series of modules separated into short, easy to reference chapters. So whether you are watching the course for the first time or looking for a refresher on a specific topic, the course will be convenient and easy to navigate. Includes the artwork files used in the training video to follow along, step by step.

You receive your own log in and can watch the videos at your own pace and save your last position to pick up where you left off quickly. 

The Course Structure:

  • Introduction - During the introduction module you’ll learn about the White Toner process, the equipment and transfers you’ll use, and what makes it a professional solution.
  • Crash Course / Quick Start Guide – During this module, you’ll be given prepared artwork along with a walkthrough of your software, transfers, and equipment. This practical module will help you marry your first successful transfer, diagnose any early issues, and produce a finished shirt.
  • Artwork Basics – discover the difference between Vector and Raster artwork, along with important concepts like Pixels Per Inch, Transparency, File Types, and Color Profiles.
  • The GUIDEPOST System – You’ll learn how to navigate the artwork and design process with customers for the Laser Transfer Platform.
  • Graphics Design for White Toner Laser – Find out the do’s and dont's of what makes for easy, average, and difficult to use artwork for the Laser Transfer Platform.
  • ProRIP Intermediate – Do more with ProRIP by learning how to use the built in tools to create durable, stretchable, and great looking prints.
  • The Transfer Process – A deep dive into the most common transfers you’ll use on a regular basis with step by step instructions and a series of live demonstrations.
  • Advanced Tips and Resources – Get the most out of your printer with advanced tips and tricks to push your prints to the next level.