Glitz Up Rhinestone Applicator

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The Viva Decor Glitz Up is a 2-in-1 hotfix applicator that can fix rhinestones, studs, and nailheads of all shapes and sizes. Using a vacuum suction teflon tip, the Glitz Up can pick up stones without the need of tweezers. Simply suction the stone then place it onto the desired decorating surface for the glue fix. The vacuum also works without the heating function on so you can arrange your designs before adhering them.

Made by Viva Decor in Germany.


Glitz up Vacuum Applicator tech. data:

  • Input: 230V
  • Output heating: 12V
  • Output Vacuum pump: 6V
  • Power 25 Watt
  • GS protected and approval by TÜV Rheinland

Glitz up Vacuum Applicator Basic Instructions:


  • Select suitable Teflon-tip for your rhinestones based on size and circumference.
  • Power the tool on and let it warm up on the lowest heat setting for at least 3 minutes, before turning it to your desired setting.
  • Turn on the Vacuum pump and pick up the rhinestones while closing the air hole (move your finger to cover up the hole on the wand to activate the suction).
  • Place the embellishment where you want it to be on your project and remove your finger to deactivate suction. Press a few seconds (larger rhinestones may require up to 1 minute).
  • When adhered to cotton blend textiles directly, the rhinestones won’t come off even in a washing machine!

Additional information

Weight 3 lbs
Dimensions 15 × 4 × 10 in