Neenah Image Clip Laser Dark- Laser Heat Transfer Paper for Dark Garments


IMAGE CLIP LASER DARK is designed for the heat transfer of full color images with fuser oil or oil-less laser color copiers or color laser printers to dark and bright colored items. Can be used on cotton, cotton blends and polyester.



IMAGE CLIP Laser Dark Digital Transfer Paper produces self-weeding, vibrant and wash-durable laser printed transfers on dark and bright colored cotton, cotton/poly blends and 100% poly fabrics. The product can be used to apply JUST the image (no background polymer)! The product runs through a vast array of fuser oil and oil-less laser printers and copiers and is approved by OKI for use with their printers. This product is compatible with INDIGO 7000-1000 series of printers. The product is to be applied only with a commercial press.

ImageClip Laser Dark Laser Heat Transfer Paper Application Instruction

Looking for an easier way to print heat transfers onto dark and colored fabrics? ImageClip Laser Dark offers a way to transfer JUST your printed image to your t-shirt, with no background, and no contour-cutting with a vinyl cutter necessary. With this crafty two-press printing and transferring process, use your favorite OKI laser printer to create a beautiful and vibrant image!


  • Transfers full color images to dark and brightly colored garments with NO need to cut or trim the paper!
  • Compatible and OKI-certified in the OKI pro920WT, OKI C711WT, and OKI C831TS
  • Does not transfer white/pastel colors (white toner printers do not have this limitation).
  • Does not work well with photographs, gradients, or shading (white toner printers do not have this limitation).
  • Can also be used a base for heat transfer foil designs!


  • Best for use with 100% cotton fabrics, especially with a tight weave – polyester blends may bleed
  • We have tested and found good general success with the printer brands: OKI, Canon, Ricoh, Xerox, and Lexmark
  • ImageClip Laser Dark only works well with bright, solid colors. Do NOT use ImageClip Laser Dark for photographic images, images with white or light colors or images with gradients or shading. Only white toner printers have true full-color capabilities with this paper.
  • Compatible with most standard laser printers – please note, due to the widely varying nature of laser printing technology on the market, we cannot guarantee papers with ANY laser printers outside of the Uninet iColor and OKI Data models that we support. We recommend trying a sample pack, and checking with the manufacturer ahead of time to ensure your printer does not heat up over 350F to ensure best results.
  • We do not recommend using this paper in a Brother, HP, or Dell laser printer. They are usually incompatible.
  • Must be applied by heat press application only – cannot be applied with conventional home iron
  • Heat transfer paper with proper storage (cool, dark, sealed location) typically has a shelf life of one year
  • See full application instructions under More Information
We encourage our customers to test the product before purchasing large quantities

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