SPC-848SD (4 color, closed ink cup, automatic pad printer with shuttle)



The SPC-848 SD is a pneumatic 4-color automatic pad printer with 90mm closed ink cups. The SD model is equipped with shuttle for quick and easy printing.


  • A microprocessor controls for easy operation.
  • Automatic 5-digit piece counter.
  • Light and sturdy aluminum alloy frame.
  • Easy inking, fixing, dismounting and cleaning of the ink roller / ink cup.
  • Independently adjustable speed and vertical stroke.
  • Auto-balance ink blade ensures a perfect ink scraping.
  • Adjustable working speed.
  • 4-color, 3 color, 2-color and 1-color printing.
  • Adjustable plate mount.
  • Air jet equipped for drying between colors.

SPC-848 SD Specifications

Printer colors 4
Standard plate size 3.9”x9.8” / 100x250mm
Max. printing height 10.6” / 270mm
Max. printing diameter 3.1” / 90mm
Max. printing speed 700 pcs/hr
Air consumption 414 liter/min (6bar)
Wattage 110/220V 60/50Hz (6bar)
Outline dimensions 1120x1060x1650mm / 43.7”x34.3”x55.3”
Weight 275Kg. (606lbs.)

Additional information

Weight 513.69 lbs
Dimensions 43.7 × 34.3 × 55.31 in