Vastex Screen Printing Entry Level Shop Package 1


Includes the following Vastex Equipment
 1 color/1 station tabletop press
E100-2128LB 21”x28” fluorescent exposure unit with pressure plate
F-100 16”x16” infrared flash cure
VRT-F1-18 Rotary table for flash


You can start with a basic package that includes all of the essential machinery you need to begin, plus a basic supply kit. All Vastex entry level shop packages include a V1000 press, LED exposure unit, infrared conveyor dryer and flash cure unit. From the hobby printer to the serious business start-up, Vastex offers an affordable solution to fit your needs.

V100-11/ 1 Station-1 Color TT Printer, with 4 color 4 station Rotary Hub
E100-2128-LB – Fluorescent exposure unit with pressure plate
F-100 – Infrared flash cure
VRT-F1-18 – Rotary table for flash
  • V-1000 includes 3-year warranty.
  • Entry level presses standard with wrench free micro-registration and all heads down.
  • Entry presses are upgradable to 4 station and 6 color.
  • Dryers and flashes all include 15-year warranty on heating element.
  • Dryers have adjustable temperature, belt speed, and heater height.

Additional information

Weight 300 lbs


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